Creating Captivating Points of Sale for Tribe

tribe fsdu

The Brief

Everyday Adventures were looking to create a suite of temporary POS for their excellent high energy Tribe bars. They needed answers for a variety of store environments from small independents to larger store chains.
Whilst the POS is temporary, they also wanted the POS to maximise the longevity in store as well as be impactful.

*Photo Credit: Apex Sports 

Our Solution

Our Design department started with considering how to apply the Tribe branding incorporating the mountain backdrop to the range of products, for the small pos, Barker, wobblers, this was simple using printed PVC and cutting to shape, giving these items more presence than standard square cut barkers and the like A4 strut cards have been printed in foam PVC to increase longevity and use in store. Hanging display was more challenging incorporating the mountain range a triangular shape with multiple Petg pockets. Then came the cardboard free-standing FSDU and countertop variants for differing sized stores, relatively straight forward incorporating the company’s chosen colours of flavoured protein bars.

The Outcome

We manufactured and successfully delivered on time tranches of the POS featured, these orders have repeated as the brand has started to gain a good foothold on a National basis. This is leading to the development of more permanent POS and FSDU’s which are under design consideration. So look out for Tribe and watch this space!

Client name
POS, FSDU, Wobblers