Wrigley’s Extra Units

Wrigley’s Extra Units

Creating innovative, quality and durable Points of Sale Display Units


The Brief

Mars Ireland decided to replace the old display unit of the Wrigley’s Extra brand. The old POS/POP was a heavy metal display with a plastic sleeve which was inconvenient and hard to carry. Therefore, Mars Ireland briefed us to design and manufacture a lighter, more innovative point of sale display for the convenience marketplace to significantly reduce the lead-time and cost of the existing unit.

Wrigley’s Extra Units Design
Wrigley’s Extra Units Design

Our Solution

We designed a brand new point of sale display using bespoke digitally printed blue PETG plastic to ensure its durability and light design. Emphasizing both on the unit’s quality and presentation to attract consumers and provide a longterm convenient solution to retailers. While, to achieve the shortest lead-time, the units were manufactured in Leeds, UK to be transported to Ireland.

The Outcome

We managed to meet every key criterion of the brief, whilst also Mars Ireland have taken a second volume of the unit. Wrigley’s Extra point of sale display units are being positioned in the Irish Convenience market to Spar and Musgrave stores. While we achieved the design and manufacture objectives by significantly reducing the cost of the unit without sacrificing quality and presentation.

Wrigley’s Extra Units Design
Client name
Mars Ireland
Point of Sale Design, Manufacturing, Durable Unit, PETG Plastic