Urban Express Store Design

Urban Express Store Design

Premium store design for London commuters (POPAI AWARDS 2019 Nominated)

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The Brief

SSP identified a need to create the Urban Express brand for the travel retail sector, to enhance its retail-based portfolio on a more upmarket offer, to widen its location base for retail and offer a genuine alternative to that of its competitors. Bartuf’s work in the brand’s development was essential as we were briefed to design, manufacture and install the brand new store in the London Briedge Station. Our top priority was to effectively deliver the new brand’s look and feel to successfully introduce it to London’s commuters.

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Our Solution

Bartuf used the brand’s colour pallets with metal, the 100% recyclable PETG plastic and wood to create a light and bright environment. The colour pallet combined with quality materials resulted in the creation of a fresh, modern and premium looking store with striking elements to catch visitors’ attention.

The biggest challenged we faced was take advantage of the column in the centre of the store and turn it into a standout feature. This column could not have any part of the structure fixed to it, however, access by Network Rail was necessary. The use of the column design with high-level lightboxes achieves this and creates additional space not captured in other units on the station with the same challenges. It also highlights beacon brands like Berry Brothers and Foyles by creating a standout point of sale that can attract consumers with its impressiveness.

The Outcome

The equipment’s adaptability and customizable nature was also achieved and will be utilised to future Urban Express stores that we currently work on.

In terms of performance Urban Express as a brand is performing better than expected by over 100%, so is a really strong success story. To quote Sarah Rees, the Head of Commercial at SSP:

Performance is still hugely ahead of expectations with key categories being confectionery, cold beverages, sandwiches and alcohol.

While, we are very proud to announce that the Urban Express project has been nominated for a POPAI Award!

urban express store design